Full upgrade THINKDIAG 2 smart diagnostic tool is available: faster and more reliable

This data demonstrates the promise of convenience, speed and reliability of the THINKDIAG product as a portable, intelligent diagnostic tool comparable to professional diagnostic equipment.

THINKCAR TECH has always been committed to core product development capabilities to promote product innovation, based on user experience and feedback, and create value for all users.

Therefore, after 6 months of development, THINKCAR now present global users a complete set improved Product: THINKDIAG 2, a new product supporting CANFD protocol, with 9 languages ​​and more robust structure, as a professional diagnostic tool.

Users can keep the original user information on the original THINKDIAG application and link this product. The new protocol speeds up diagnosis, reduces the waiting time of whole-vehicle intelligent diagnosis analysis, and increases diagnosis efficiency by more than 2 times. The stability of data transmission has been qualitatively improved and more vehicle types are supported, especially under the General Motors brand.

The appearance adopts the simple design, at the same time enlarges the product size to some extent, which is more suitable for hand holding and carrying; the the shell material adopts highABS + strength silicone, based on the first generation to comprehensively improve the durability and drop resistance of products, so that regardless of the type of work environment, it provides reliable and stable diagnosis. The double-sided indicator status prompt allows users to directly observe the operating status of the product in all circumstances; Equipped with 650mm diagnostic data line, the product provides more space and convenience for inserting and removing equipment. In the latest version of THINKDIAG APP, users can switch between 9 languageswhich is suitable for international use.

The first version the date is March 7 – March 10 on AliExpress, with ohmore e-commerce platforms coming soon. Please keep paying attention to the continuous update of THINKCAR TECH’s quality products.


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