Rogers Planners Recommend Comprehensive Growth Map Changes

Other action

The town planning committee:

• Approval of a conditional use permit for a gas-powered Jiffy Trip convenience store at 1310 W. Walnut St. in the Highway Commercial Zoning District.

• Denied a conditional use permit for Sunshine Auto Sales to sell and lease vehicles/equipment at 2004 S. Eighth St. in the Highway Commercial Zoning District.

• Approval of a conditional use permit from Blue Ribbon Industries for a warehouse office at 6388 S. Oldridge Place in the Freeway Commercial Zoning District.

• Approved an application by Snack Gurus to rezone 2.4 acres at 1626 S. Dixieland Road from the Agricultural Zone District to the Highway Commercial Zone District.

• Approval of a large-scale development permit for Kum & Go to build a convenience store with gas pumps at 101 W. New Hope Road in the neighborhood’s commercial zoning area.

• Approved a request to allow a waiver of the requirement to construct an 8-foot-high masonry or block wall between a development in the Neighborhood Transitional Zoning District and an adjacent single-family use east of the intersection of South Pinnacle Hills Parkway and West Blossom Way Drive.

Source: NWA Democrat-Gazette

ROGERS — Members of the Planning Commission voted on Tuesday to recommend three comprehensive growth map changes to city council as part of the map’s ongoing process of updating.

Two changes are to the map’s Upper Town regional hub – which focuses on the Pinnacle Hills area – expanding its southwestern boundary to include part of two Tallchamps-owned plots near the Pinnacle Country Club, and its northern boundary in the Pinnacle Springs commercial and Village subdivision area on the Calanques. The third changed the property at 6507 N. Goad Springs Road from Neighborhood Growth designation to Commercial Corridor Growth designation.

The commission began discussing updating the map, which guides city development decisions, in early March. The map changes every four to five years, according to John McCurdy, the city’s director of development. The city will likely hold several public hearings and meetings of the commission’s plans and policies committee before the changes are complete, he said at the time.

The changes made on Tuesday were necessary adjustments to ensure development is happening in the right places, McCurdy said. The city will hire a consulting firm to help with the overall map update process, he said.

The changes to the southwestern boundary of the center of the uptown area stem from a rezoning request from Tallchamps manager Tom Hopper, McCurdy said.

The property is zoned single family residential and is part of the Regional Center Growth designation. City staff recommended keeping the northeast corner of the property in the downtown regional center and placing the rest of the property in the neighborhood designation.

Regional growth centers are mixed-use urban cores that function as regional hubs for commerce, arts and entertainment, living, leisure, and retail, according to the comprehensive growth map. Neighborhoods allow for single-use residences and can include schools, resource centers and places of worship, it says.

While the property looks like it’s part of the Pinnacle Country Club, it’s not and never was, McCurdy said. The city held a public meeting with the Pinnacle Country Club and also spoke with Hopper and the president of the owners’ association to propose an amendment to the map that everyone agreed on, said he declared.

“It represents good planning and a good compromise between neighbors and developers,” Commissioner Mark Myers said.

All commissioners voted in favor of the change except Derek Burnett, who abstained.

The Pinnacle Springs business subdivision includes Home Depot, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Einstein’s Bagels, and CORE Architects. According to a staff report, it is currently within the Commercial Corridor Growth Designation and Freeway Commercial Zoning District.

Village on the Creeks includes Mercy, England Family Dental, Natural State Beer Co., First Watch and Chapel on the Creeks and is also part of the Trade Corridor Growth designation, according to a staff report.

Designating the two areas as a downtown regional center would allow for mixed-use developments, the report said.

The area is becoming a vibrant part of the city, and the updates recognize the reality of the growth happening there, McCurdy said.

Commissioner Steve Lane abstained from voting, but all other commissioners voted in favor of the update.

The changes to 6507 N. Goad Springs Road were part of an application to rezone 17.9 acres from the Agricultural Zoning District to the Highway Commercial Zoning District. The Freeway Commercial District is not permitted in the neighborhood growth designation, according to a staff report.

The town of Lowell borders the property to the east and south with freeway commercial zoned parcels. The applicant requested to be included in the commercial corridor directly north, providing a buffer zone along the Interstate 49 corridor.

All commissioners voted in favor of the change.