Who Bears the Weight of Responsibility for Truck Accidents in St. George, Utah?

Mechanical faults are one of the most common causes of truck accidents. In most cases, these are tire, brake or wheel problems.

The trucking industry is growing every year, and unfortunately, the number of accidents involving tractor-trailers or tractor-trailers is also increasing. Figures for 2020 show a 52% increase in the number of truck crashes on U.S. roads compared to 2009. Each year, approximately 130,000 people are injured in crashes involving trucks, and most of them are passenger car occupants. Ordinary people, whose lives are turned upside down in an instant. People who will need help. First medical aid and then, inevitably, financial aid.

If you live in Utah and have recently been injured in such an accident, you need to get in touch with the best truck accident lawyers in St. George. It is essential to consult a lawyer immediately, because truck accidents are more complex than regular collisions between two family cars. It is not the weight of a large vehicle. This partly explains the large number of deaths and serious injuries caused by such accidents.

It is a question of responsibility. When you are the victim of a truck accident, you will need experienced lawyers to study the dynamics of the accident to understand who bears responsibility for what happened and who should be held liable for damages.

Here’s why.

Mechanical faults are one of the most common causes of truck accidents. In most cases, these are tire, brake or wheel problems. When the brakes fail, there is little the driver of a 50,000 pound vehicle can do to prevent tragedy. They are not responsible for mechanical defects. Trucking companies are. They are responsible for the maintenance of their vehicles. Failure to perform regular maintenance is a violation of federal highway safety regulations.

Your truck accident lawyers will review the documents relating to the accident and bring in independent experts if necessary. If there has been a mechanical breakdown, they will raise the issue with the trucking company’s insurer.

Your truck accident attorneys in St. George will also examine the truck driver involved. Did he have a commercial driver’s license? Has he received adequate training? What about his criminal record? Traffic offences? Again, the company is responsible for checking and training its employees and they can be held liable if they fail in their duties.

Close-up of semi-trailer tires; image by Milan DeGraeve, via Unsplash.com.

Another common cause of truck accidents is driver fatigue. If the driver spent the night drinking and did not get enough rest, it is his responsibility. However, if the guy had a tight schedule and his bosses put pressure on him to get to his destination as quickly as possible, that’s a clear violation of road safety rules. According to federal regulations, a commercial driver cannot work more than 11 hours per shift. Your attorneys will review the driver’s log to see how many hours he was driving at the time of the accident and how many hours he had worked in the last 7 days.

If the trucking company has anything to do with it, they deserve to pay. When they push a driver to their limits, they are driven by greed. If they ruined your life to make more money, it’s only fair to hit them where it hurts. Your attorney will make sure to pay for all the damages they caused you, including damages for your pain and suffering.