3 children still hospitalized after collision with Antioch – NBC Bay Area

Three children remain in hospital after a collision in a neighborhood of Antioch on Friday.

These children included two boys and a girl. They are brothers and are each twelve years old. They were returning from school around 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon and were standing on the sidewalk at the corner of Sycamore Drive and Mansanita Way when a car spun after an accident, hitting the children and leaving them all gravely wounded.

“I’m just at a loss for words and I’m numb,” said Jami Hanlin, the mother of three, who spoke to NBC Bay Area on Saturday night. When Hanlin spoke to us, she was in Oakland Children’s Hospital with two of her sons. Her husband was at UC Davis where her daughter was hospitalized.

Witnesses to the crash told police that on Friday afternoon a tan Mercury Mystique was heading west on Sycamore Drive and waiting for traffic to clear before turning left onto Mansanita Way. At the same time, a red Chevrolet Impala allegedly raced down Sycamore at high speed, then attempted to pass the Mercury just as the Mercury turned left.

Witnesses said the Impala collided with the Mercury, knocking the Impala into children on the sidewalk.

Hanlin said the Impala pushed the three children off the sidewalk and across the street to the house it crashed into.

Hanlin had been on the phone with her son and knew the kids were home from school, so she drove to the scene worried.

“I parked and jumped out, and that’s where I saw two of my kids – and they couldn’t find my daughter because she was hit so hard she flew through the bushes on the side of the house and no one could find her, they didn’t know there was a third child,” Hanlin said.

“It’s all a blur, I just know it was like a horror scene for me, seeing my son covered in blood say to me ‘Mom, I’m dying’ and then my other two [kids] unconscious,” she recalls.

Neighbors described a nightmarish scene, with children returning from school watching nearby and some first responders falling ill because they were so disturbed by what had happened.

Neighbors placed support tokens on the sidewalk where three children were believed to have stood in Antioch on Friday when they were seriously injured in a nearby car collision. NBC Bay Area Photo/Alyssa Goard.

The three children were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

The two drivers were also hospitalized. Antioch police have not given an update on the drivers, their conditions or whether any arrests have been made.

“We are not releasing any details beyond the status of the children, a police spokesperson said Saturday. “It is still an ongoing investigation.”

Hanlin told NBC Bay Area that her daughter had a brain hemorrhage and a fractured skull, but is expected to recover. One of his sons has a concussion, a broken leg and had to undergo facial surgery.

“My other child is on life support with minimal to no brain activity due to his vehicle impact injuries,” Hanlin shared in tears.

The Hanlin family raise funds to help cover the medical costs of these three children.

Concerns on Sycamore Drive

Several neighbors along Sycamore Drive told NBC Bay Area that speeding happens there regularly.

“Cars always go fast on Sycamore, I’ve seen high speed chases,” a neighbor said.

“I would say, like Dale Earnhardt fast, like raceway fast,” said another neighbor, adding that he would like to see speed bumps installed on the roadway.

These neighbors, along with Hanlin, say they want to see more police patrols there and more speed deterrents, so no other family has to go through this.

“They turn their heads around it and keep letting it go, and now my kids’ lives are on the line because of it,” Hanlin said.

NBC Bay Area asked Antioch police about some of those concerns.

A police spokesperson replied, “In light of recent events, we understand and share our concerns for members of our community.”

The spokesperson continued, “At this time, we would like to offer our continued and continued support to the families of this unfortunate event and have a more in-depth discussion at a later date on some of the issues regarding the Sycamore Corridor.”

side of the house near the collision of Antioch

A neighbors yard where one of the cars involved in a collision in Antioch came to rest. This car was reportedly slammed into three children, leaving them seriously injured. Neighbors say one of those kids was pushed by the impact into a bush in that yard. NBC Bay Area Photo/Alyssa Goard.