Best Full Coverage Auto Insurance of 2022

“Comprehensive auto insurance” is a general term that describes auto insurance that provides liability coverage as well as other types of auto insurance protections for the policyholder and their vehicle. It’s not like the state’s minimum coverage, which has a very specific set of criteria.

Full-coverage auto insurance includes everything the state’s minimum coverage has, plus a variety of extras. But it is up to each individual to decide what protections they feel they need. However, comprehensive insurance usually includes at least the following:

  • Liability coverage: This is generally broken down into two parts: civil liability for bodily injury and civil liability for material damage. Almost all states require drivers to carry some coverage, but many drivers interested in comprehensive auto insurance choose to purchase higher coverage limits.
  • Collision coverage: This pays to repair the policyholder’s vehicle if the policyholder hits another driver. It also pays if the vehicle is involved in a single-car accident. However, it does not cover animal-vehicle collisions.
  • Full coverage: Comprehensive coverage pays to repair the policyholder’s vehicle if it is damaged due to weather, vandalism or an accident with an animal vehicle. It also intervenes in the event of theft of the insured’s vehicle.

All insurers offer these options. Most also have their own list of optional coverages that drivers can add to customize their policy if they wish.