Best Hospital for Comprehensive Diabetes Treatment – Panacea Varanasi Hospital

New Delhi (India), November 18: Your heart and kidneys may not immediately come to mind when you consider your body’s interconnected systems. Plus, you might not link the well-being of either to diabetes. So you might be shocked to learn how intertwined these three aspects of your health are.

Best Hospital for Comprehensive Care Diabetes Treatment

Your risk of kidney and heart disease is increased by diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. What causes this? This is because diabetes increases the amount of glucose in your blood (blood sugar). High blood sugar can damage blood vessels if not properly managed. Diabetes can also affect other parts of your health, such as your eyes, feet, and nerves, in addition to your heart and kidneys.

Due to the urbanization of lifestyle characteristics, studies conducted in various parts of India have shown an increasing prevalence of diabetes in both urban and rural populations.

India now has more than 65 million diabetics, up from 26 million in 1990, and the number of cases among the population of northern India has risen dramatically.

Diabetes, if not properly treated, can lead to major side effects such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease, nervous system disorders, amputations and premature death. Thus, comprehensive and appropriate diabetes management is inevitable for diabetic patients to lead a healthy life.

Panacea Hospital, located in Varanasi, is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals that has more than 50 experts on its staff, including renowned nephrologist Dr. JP Ojha (the most knowledgeable kidney specialist in eastern UP ), IVF specialists, gynecologists, surgeons, intensivists, etc.

Panacea Hospital provides one of the best comprehensive diabetes management care team in India. Patients receive comprehensive diabetes treatment under the guidance of an endocrinologist (diabetologist), nephrologist (kidney specialist), cardiologist, nutritionist, etc.

Drs. Ashutosh and Pallavi Mishra, founders of Panacea Hospital, India’s first comprehensive diabetes care management center, emphasize the importance of comprehensive diabetes care management and offer a personalized treatment plan for each patient, including a consultation with a diabetologist, cardiologist, kidney specialist, dietician and other related physicians. .

Dr. Ashutosh Mishra is a pioneer in reversing diabetes even in chronic patients, treats pregnancy related diabetes, diabetes related organ dysfunction, diabetes related infertility, diabetes caused retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy. Dr. Mishra’s expertise and knowledge find their way to solve and treat his patients. During long years of service, Dr. Mishra treated many complicated cardio and diabetes cases and saved the lives of people who had almost lost all their hopes and expectations.

Dr. Pallavi Mishra, one of the best Cardiologist in India with great experience, specializes in treating heart problems regarding diabetes, hormonal problems, heart problems during pregnancy and chronic heart problems.

Since 2009, Panacea Hospital has established itself as a pioneer in the care of patients with chronic diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The hospital aspires to top the list of multi-specialty hospitals in the region in the coming years. Some of the best talent, equipment and resources are part of our team.

The hospital is the largest in India not only because of its best doctors but also because it has the best and most advanced medical technology to treat patients under difficult circumstances.

The hospital is equipped to perform state-of-the-art hormone testing under the guidance of an endocrinologist. The facility has the expertise to manage difficult diabetic foot ulcers. We were among the first in this field to introduce the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and Insulin Pump (sensor device for automatic monitoring and delivery of insulin to IDDM patients in intensive care).

The infrastructure includes a fully furnished intensive care unit with a centralized oxygen installation, an operating room with a multi-patient monitoring system, a ventilator and defibrillators.

Additional services at Panacea Hospital include 24-hour pathology, radiology with portable bedside x-rays, pharmacy, ambulance and canteen service. Panacea Hospital offers air-conditioned private rooms, air-conditioned cabins and deluxe rooms with all modern comforts, as well as an OPD with a waiting room for patients.

For the elderly, the frail, people with special abilities and pregnant women, comprehensive care is essential.

For the elderly, the frail, people with special abilities and pregnant women, comprehensive care is essential. Dr. Ashutosh Mishra and Dr. Pallavi, the founders of the company, work together with their staff to ensure the well-being of their patients. Panacea Multispecialty Hospital not only treats diabetics and heart patients but also assists with IVF making it the best and most reputable center for the procedure today.

Panacea is recognized as the best multi-specialty hospital in the country, with several intensive care units and the best anesthesia and intensive care teams.
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