Best RV Toilet Paper (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022


  • Fold: 1 ply
  • Sheets per roll: 231
  • Rolls per pack: 8


  • Top in dissolvability
  • Great price
  • Consistent performance
  • Available almost everywhere

The inconvenients

  • One-ply tactics may go too far for the novice RV toilet user
  • Low number of sheets

Scott is perhaps one of the most recognizable brands of paper household goods, and for good reason, as they manufacture countless different products for an amazing range of uses. The company’s RV and boat-specific toilet papers top the list for several reasons. But first, let’s eliminate the most immediate concern. You might be thinking to yourself, “A single-ply toilet paper ranks best overall?” “How can it be!?” That’s the crux of the matter with RV toilet paper – the way RV toilets work means you can’t cram wads and wads of tissues into the bowl like you you’d do it at home. No five-ply mega rolls, adult bum wipes, or multiple rinses are allowed here. A clogged RV toilet is a nasty and potentially expensive problem to deal with, and the only way to ensure it doesn’t. Not going to happen to you is to stick with single-ply (or two-ply) toilet paper.Single-ply RV toilet paper, when formulated correctly, dissolves almost instantly the moment it hits the holding tank. Scott’s version in my experience is the king of dissolvability I can use it without hesitation for the health of my RV’s plumbing RV life is full of logistical challenges – worrying about e your toilet should not be one of them. Additionally, Scott’s RV toilet paper is remarkably strong for a single fold and it features molded ridges that increase its absorbency. I rarely experience “breakthroughs” with Scott fabric, and a single ply can double your ply count for, uh, more intense bathroom situations without affecting its ability to dissolve quickly. It is also the most commonly available RV toilet paper. It’s affordable and you can find it at almost any big box store. But buying in bulk online before you travel will save you money. Scott’s RV toilet paper is completely biodegradable, and Scott is Forest Stewardship Council approved for best forestry practices. Good news for those of us who like to get out into the woods on our adventures. Disadvantages? The rolls are small, so the sheet count is low, which affects Scott’s overall value. But when I buy in bulk, I find the more compact rolls easier to store in the small storage areas of our RV, where space is at a premium.