Collision with NYPD vehicle injures 10, including pedestrians

New York

Ten people were injured after a police cruiser collided with another vehicle in the Bronx on Thursday afternoon and jumped the sidewalk, New York Police Department officials said at a conference call. hurry.

Everyone is expected to survive, said patrol leader Jeffery Maddrey, adding that the age range of those injured ranged from 2 to 65.

Police were not involved in a chase, Maddrey said, but were responding to the report of a stolen vehicle.

Officers were responding with their lights and sirens on as they crossed the double yellow line to pass a vehicle in front of them, Maddrey said. But that vehicle made a left turn and the vehicles collided, sending the police cruiser to the curb and into the curb, Maddrey said.

Six people on the sidewalk were injured along with two police officers in the police vehicle and two civilians in the other vehicle, he added.

Officers “were trying to get here, they were trying to prevent this crime, they were trying to apprehend someone trying to steal a vehicle and unfortunately the accident resulted in the person stealing the vehicle,” said Maddrey.

“We don’t want to see anyone hurt, especially when officers are trying to do the right thing,” he added. “They were trying to prevent a crime in progress.”

“We know they’re getting the best medical care right now,” Maddrey said. “We just pray for everyone, officers and families.”