Comprehensive Logistics Announces Significant Business Growth in York with New Harley-Davidson Logistics Contract

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“CLI is thrilled and is working to transition the business by thoughtfully engaging with HD to deliver best-in-class production and warehouse management through engineering and innovation. We look forward to having HD in our portfolio of major brand clients. » Brian Hume, Chief Operating Officer

Complete Logistics, Co., Inc. (CLI) is strategically expanding into the motorcycle industry as a Harley-Davidson, Inc.. (HD) in York, Pennsylvania.

HD is known to be the most desirable motorcycle company in the world and recently announced strong financial results approaching their 120th anniversary.

For the York Logistics contract, HD and CLI are teaming up to ramp up production to meet projected positive consumer demand for HD’s legendary motorcycles. According to HD’s selection team, “CLI was selected based on its proprietary technology, commitment to quality, commitment to HR and continuous improvement.”

The immediate focus is on transitioning current employees in December to HD’s facility on Memory Lane in York, PA. With current labor market challenges, CLI’s Human Resources and Operations team is implementing a York-centric strategic recruiting plan that is focused on retaining current employees and staffing in 2023 to add a significant number of jobs in York Region, PA. Current and future positions range from leadership roles to sub-assembly process roles and will be filled through community outreach to York residents. Hourly labor will be represented by International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 2948.

CLI COO Brian Hume said, “We are excited and working to transition the business into thoughtfully engaging with HD to deliver the best in production and warehouse management through the engineering and innovation. Historically, OEMs in various industries and their suppliers have come to trust CLI to provide just-in-time, value-added services that are integral to the quality and timely final assembly of their products. We look forward to having HD in our portfolio of major brand customers. »

As 2022 draws to a close and 2023 begins, CLI is delighted to have been selected by HD, and we look forward to the continued positive impact on York’s vibrancy and economic growth.

About Comprehensive Logistics, Co., Inc.

Complete logistics (CLI) partners with its customers to design and execute 3PL outsourced warehousing solutions. Services include sub-assembly, kitting, value addition, warehouse management and dedicated shuttle, short haul, and yard management. All productivity, processes and inventory are controlled by a best-in-class proprietary WMS called STREME. Real-time performance metrics and inventory level visibility, including notification alerts, are available on customer’s mobile devices.

As millions of automotive products, consumer products and spare parts pass through the operations of the North American site, CLI’s more than 3,000 employees follow the highly sophisticated processes and customized solutions, incorporating control methodologies structured, quality management systems and uniform operating procedures with strict safety protocols.

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