Cyclists avoid a collision as the driver is caught on camera pressing a car on the London Cycle…

22 November 2022, 15:39 | Updated: November 22, 2022, 3:55 PM

The cyclist images show bike users on CS3 getting out of the way.

Image: TikTok/Cycling_in_London

A motorist was filmed swapping London’s roads for the city’s cycle highway, as footage shows the vehicle narrowly misses cyclists as it tries to weave through the narrow lane two-way cycle path.

Filmed on a body-worn camera by a cyclist following the car, the footage shows the lone driver continuing to drive for nearly 30 seconds before realizing his mistake, with cyclists moving out of his way.

Taking a wrong turn on the CS3 cycle highway, the busy suburban road runs from Barking in the east to Lancaster Gate in central London.

Posted by the TikTok page @Cycling_in_London, cyclists can be heard shouting: “Get in the bike lane!

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Alarmed bike users can be seen swerving out of the car’s path, as the vehicle continues to travel on the blue highlighted section of roadway despite the road markings.

For most of the route, cyclists are separated from other traffic in separate cycle lanes – the video initially showing a raised curb section between the route and the carriageway.

One commenter wrote: “He passed 2 or 3 abandoned curbs by the time they actually left the bike lane.”

Another wrote: “To be fair, there is so much random paint on the roads today that it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t a road or a lane (not kidding) .”

The CS3 Cycle Highway runs from East London to the center of the city.

The CS3 Cycle Highway runs from East London to the center of the city.

Photo: LBC / Alamy

A number of commentators have reiterated that this section of road, believed to be near Tower Hill in east London, has contrasting and overlapping road markings.

After racking up nearly half a million views on the social media platform, the driver, who has yet to be identified, can finally be seen stopping on the side of the road.