Determination of responsibility in the event of a truck accident: how does the investigation work?

Determining responsibility for a truck accident can be a complex and time-consuming process, mainly because there are many parties involved.

Accidents involving trucks can be dangerous and even fatal. Unfortunately, they are too common on the roads, leading to serious injuries. These accidents involving large commercial trucks require immediate investigations, which are more complex than other automobile accident investigations.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a similar accident, it’s essential to have a lawyer on your side to help you with the investigation and evidence process. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common questions you may have regarding your truck collision and how your attorney can determine liability.

Who investigates truck accidents?

In addition to local law enforcement, some other parties are responsible for investigating truck accidents. After the accident, the trucker must contact his trucking company to send a team of investigators to the scene.

The team may include lawyers or other experts depending on the seriousness of the accident. This is why you need to find a lawyer near you because they are easier to reach. These local attorneys are also more familiar with your state’s laws, and that’s always a bonus with accident claims.

What evidence is collected?

Your lawyer is responsible for many things. One of them is to collect evidence, including photos, videos, witness statements, etc. The best truck accident lawyers are experienced with all types of evidence, so they know which ones are essential for post-crash preservation, such as inspection reports, technological devices, and black box information.

However, depending on the severity and specifics of truck accidents, investigations may require collecting evidence, including:

Tired driver; image by Johan Funke, via
  • Mobile phone data to determine if the driver was using their phone
  • Physical evidence like skid marks
  • Weighing documentation
  • Travel tickets or gas receipts
  • Truck driving history
  • Logbook showing the driver’s driving and rest times

Your attorney may also need additional research, such as reviewing video footage, interviewing medical personnel and witnesses, and consulting other experts. One of the best things you can do is find an attorney in your state or area. For example, if you live in Kentucky, you can contact Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyers, and they will gather all the necessary evidence to substantiate and strengthen your claim.

Who is liable in the event of a truck accident?

Determining responsibility for a truck accident can be a complex and time-consuming process, mainly because there are many parties involved, many of whom could be responsible. These parties may include:

  • Truck’s driver
  • Trucker’s employer
  • trucking company
  • Truck owner
  • Trailer owner
  • Loading company
  • Truck and Truck Parts Manufacturers
  • Freight shippers
  • Contractors
  • Insurance companies
  • Freight Equipment Manufacturer

As with any other case of accident, liability must be determined and the negligent party must be identified. Your lawyer can help you find the party responsible for the accident and even help you with possible compensation if you are entitled to it.

Even if you live in a large Kentucky city like Louisville, you can still seek the help of Louisville truck accident attorneys to help you get the compensation you deserve. They will assess your case, help you determine liability, and help you with any other legal steps.