Determining Liability and Claiming Compensation for UPS Truck Accidents

Have you been involved in a UPS truck accident and suffered significant injuries? If that’s the case, you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney because filing a claim against UPS gets tricky and big business has a solid insurance company behind it.

Most importantly, you’ll need the help of a UPS truck accident attorney to determine liability in your UPS truck accident and help get the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to learn more about how to determine liability. You will also learn how to get a fair settlement after a traffic incident with a UPS truck.

Who is responsible when a UPS truck hits your car?

If the UPS truck driver hits your vehicle, the company is often held responsible for the accident. The reasoning is that UPS truckers are company employees. Essentially, UPS is liable unless the driver was negligent outside the scope of his employment.

For example, if the driver drove the truck outside working hours and away from the delivery locations, UPS may not be responsible for the accident. However, if the delivery driver was working and delivering packages during the collision, UPS is likely liable.

Is UPS responsible for negligent drivers of its personnel?

The standard known as vicarious liability means that UPS is liable for any negligent driver of its personnel who has a traffic accident. Essentially, if a driver makes a major mistake on the job, the company is responsible.

The reasoning is; if UPS had not hired this negligent truck driver, the accident would not have happened.

In what ways can UPS be considered negligent?

UPS is responsible for its truck drivers in several specific ways, including:

  • Hiring
  • Coaching
  • Retention
  • Surveillance

UPS may be negligent and responsible for an accident if company officials failed to properly hire, train, retain or supervise certain truck drivers.

What is the claims process like with UPS?

UPS has a specific insurance policy to manage its delivery drivers who find themselves involved in truck accidents. The car owner who was involved in the UPS truck accident will need to send a demand letter to UPS to get a settlement with their car insurance company.

Then the driver and his lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company to get a fair settlement.

Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer After A UPS Truck Accident?

You will benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney soon after a UPS truck accident. The lawyer can help you prepare a demand letter, negotiate a settlement and represent you in court if the matter goes to trial.

When should you take legal action after a UPS truck accident?

You may want to file a lawsuit after a UPS truck accident if the damage exceeds $1 million, which is UPS’s maximum insurance policy. Also, if the UPS insurance company refuses to pay your damages or refuses to admit liability, you should consider filing a lawsuit with the help of your attorney.

How do I claim compensation after a UPS truck accident?

You will need to collect evidence of your UPS truck accident. Gather photos of the accident, medical bills, and medical records of your injuries, as well as your mechanic’s fees for repairing your car. Additionally, you will need to hire a truck accident attorney to help you file a claim with UPS and/or bring a lawsuit against the company.

What damages can you recover from UPS after an accident?

With the help of an attorney, you can recover all types of damages from UPS after your car accident. These damages include:

  • Ambulance and health care costs
  • Lost salary
  • A decrease in earning capacity due to a possible disability
  • Disability damage
  • Punitive damages for malicious or intentional acts
  • pain and suffering


With the help of a UPS truck accident attorney, you can determine if UPS is at fault and get the compensation you deserve.