Ditch head and culvert collision lands car on residential lawn

MONSTROSE, WV (LOOTPRESS) — Residents of a Randolph County home were likely shocked to discover an unexpected vehicle in their yard Monday following a single-vehicle collision in the Parsons Road area.

According to reports from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, on Monday, October 24, 2022, Randolph County authorities responded to a single-vehicle collision on Parsons Road near Montrose.

Investigation of the incident revealed that a vehicle traveling north on Parsons Road (formerly 219) south of Montrose began to move left of the center line of the carriageway.

The vehicle then crossed into the oncoming/southbound lane and left the roadway on the left/west shoulder.

The vehicle would continue to travel approximately 244 feet once it left the roadway, colliding with a ditch and a culvert head in the process.

Continuing to veer west, the vehicle entered the lawn of a nearby residence where it finally came to a stop.

The incident was investigated by Chief Deputy BT Sharp, and the Randolph County Emergency Department as well as the Leading Creek Volunteer Fire Department responded and provided a on-site assistance.

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