Drivers offer different accounts in what led to a collision with several cars

A man says he and his son were shot on the highway, prompting them to chase the alleged attacker. But this pilot has another story.

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio authorities are analyzing conflicting stories to try to understand what happened between two drivers on I-10 Wednesday morning when an apparent chase resulted in a scene of wrecked cars and an arrest.

The first account belongs to a father and 16-year-old son, who alleged to KENS 5 that their daily commute to work was interrupted by gunfire around 9 a.m.

“He just passed us and shot at us and drove on,” said father Rey Venegas, who admitted he started chasing the man, driving a dark-colored SUV.

“I had to make sure that guy got off the road because,” Venegas added. “I mean, (that’s) the way things are, isn’t it? I mean, people who kill for no reason, you know? So I chased them away and that’s where we we find.”

The chase ended at South Flores and Bank Street near downtown, where Venegas said he slammed into the back of the suspected shooter’s SUV at the stop sign.

“He held me back though, like he was trying to get me to stop,” he said. “So I knocked him down.”

The impact, SAPD officials later said, threw the SUV into the intersection, smashing several cars.

It was then that the alleged shooter abandoned his vehicle and ran off.

Police said officers caught up with him shortly after and discovered the man was hiding a 9mm handgun in the waistband of his pants. According to SAPD, the unidentified man told officers a different story, saying he was fleeing Venegas in fear for his life.

Police have not determined how many shots were fired at the start of the altercation, if any, and authorities told KENS 5 they did not see any visible bullet holes in the truck of Venegas.

The man, who was wanted on two felony warrants, was nevertheless taken into custody. SAPD says he was charged with murderous driving, flight and escape, and non-arrest and aid.

Meanwhile, Venegas continues to say there was a shooting and it was completely random.

“They say road rage, but we were driving well. I’m not even in a passing lane, you know? So where it all came from, I don’t know.”

SAPD says following someone in a road rage situation is never a good idea. Instead, they recommend victims in such situations write down the license plate number before pulling over and call the police.