FTXT Energy launched a complete solution for Hydrogen Power System multi-application scenarios

Developing green hydrogen technology and realizing zero carbon emission transformation has gradually become the consensus of the world. Driven by politics and market demand, the era of hydrogen is accelerating.

FTXT energy is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on providing complete solutions for the efficient hydrogen power system. We have long prioritized technology research and continue to accumulate forward-looking hydrogen technologies to maintain our core advantages. After 21 years of dedicated research and development, various products have been put into use in many places around the world, which has verified the stability and reliability of hydrogen fuel cell technology in different environments and can provide Targeted complete solutions for customers in different fields of application. to achieve differentiated empowerment.

For the transportation industry, FTXT Energy has launched targeted comprehensive solutions to tackle widespread demand issues such as poor operating conditions, heavy systems, high safety requirements and long uptime. Based on this, we adopt the new integration design concept and use adaptive control algorithm, not only effectively reducing the weight of the system, but also ensuring that the system control has good robustness through intelligent control. . As for the fuel cell, with high durability design, high power single cell design and modular design, the product life span exceeds 10,000 hours, and the system efficiency at power maximum exceeds 48.7%. Additionally, we can also develop customized modular stacks to meet customer requirements for stack power and layout space. In addition, the hydrogen supply system’s highly integrated pipeline and valves, corrosion-resistant materials, vibration-resistant materials, and an independently developed hydrogen management system can provide timely safety monitoring. real life while ensuring stable operation under multiple working conditions. At present, FTXT Energy can meet customized net power requirements from 40kW to 400+kW, covering application scenarios such as passenger cars, medium and short-haul logistics vehicles, heavy-duty trucks long- couriers and buses.

In the complete Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution provided by FTXT Energy for Love Real Estate Group, the system needs to work stably all the time to meet daily usage and needs a range relatively wide operating range to meet the various energy consumption peaks.

Using dynamic monitoring technology, FTXT Energy ensures that the system is operating within the comfort zone to improve its durability; running multiple systems in parallel makes the system more efficient, reliable and durable while meeting peak electricity demand, using modular batteries.

For residential community, commercial buildings, scenic spots and islands, FTXT Energy can achieve 5KW-500kW and 500KW-5MW output power respectively.

In terms of marine applications, according to the characteristics of high humidity and high salt fog in the water surface working environment, FTXT Energy generally adopts materials resistant to salt fog and high humidity, and adopts anti-vibration, anti-shock, high electrical insulation design, superimposed modular design of large-capacity hydrogen storage system to ensure the reliability and long cruising range of ship operations, so that the customers can achieve higher operational benefits. For pleasure boats, transport boats, patrol boats and cruise ships, the fuel cell system can reach a power of 100 kW to 500 kW; and for other operating scenarios such as inland vessels, special operations and maintenance vessels, the fuel cell system can reach over 500 KW. output power.

In terms of rail transport applications, the characteristics of high vehicle speed, large number of passengers and large cargo capacity require higher system power and safety. At the same time, it is also necessary to provide noise reduction to maintain a comfortable ride. In response to the above needs, FTXT Energy adopted a combined product solution: core components such as hydrogen storage, fuel cells and hydrogen fuel cell motors were designed for shock absorption and noise reduction. The modular design is used to realize parallel operation of the system, and a rigorous product development system is adopted to improve safety. In addition, the system output power of up to 400+ provides an effective guarantee for the long range of rail transport vehicles.

FTXT Energy brings complete solutions for hydrogen power systems and wholeheartedly provides high quality products and services to global customers in different application scenarios. If you want to get more detailed information, please contact Mr. Zhang by email [email protected] and we will provide you with more services.

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