Good2Go Car Insurance Review 2022

Good2Go insurance can be a good choice for high-risk drivers – those with numerous accidents, tickets or a DUI conviction on their driving record – looking for cheap rates on minimum coverage policies. Good2Go policies are relatively basic, but for drivers who find it difficult to qualify for coverage elsewhere, Carrier may be a good option. Keep in mind that coverage is only available in a handful of states. Bankrate’s Good2Go car insurance review can help you decide if this specialist company is the right choice for your needs.

Advantages Disadvantages
Provides coverage options for high risk drivers Coverage not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Montana or Rhode Island
Other types of insurance are available through a partner company Specializes in low minimum coverage limits

Good2Go specializes in non-standard car insurance for high-risk drivers who might otherwise struggle to qualify for coverage with major national insurers. Good2Go sells coverage in most US states, with an emphasis on providing policies that meet minimum coverage limits – although collision coverage and comprehensive coverage are available in some states. The carrier might be worth considering if you’re a high-risk driver or looking for cheaper auto insurance that only covers the basics required in your state.

Good2Go car insurance | Discount Rate Score: Not Rated

Good2Go car insurance could be a good choice for high-risk drivers who have had difficulty finding or qualifying for coverage elsewhere. The carrier focuses on selling minimum coverage limits, but also offers comprehensive and collision coverage for financed vehicles. Since auto insurance laws vary from state to state, the minimum limits and types of coverage offered will be specific to your area. In general, Good2Go mainly offers basic liability coverage in the states where it operates.

Good2Go auto insurance policies are not available in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island

Good2Go doesn’t offer a mobile app, but the carrier has a decent online customer portal. You can manage your policy, make payments and start a claims process through the portal. Roadside assistance and towing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the emergency service and dispatch or general customer service numbers listed on the site.

Discount on Good2Go car insurance

The Good2Go site lists several common car insurance discounts. These savings opportunities, if available in your state, could help lower your car insurance costs. For high-risk drivers, who tend to pay relatively high fares, Good2Go’s discounts might be appreciated. There are 14 ways to save listed on the provider’s site, including Good2Go’s unique cell phone security option, which uses the LifeSaver app to block incoming text messages while driving.

However, the discounts are described as those commonly offered by insurers and are not clearly specified as offered by Good2Go. The best way to find out what savings opportunities are available in your state is to contact Good2Go directly and speak to an agent.

Good2Go Car Services

Good2Go does not appear to offer any car-related services or products beyond car insurance.

Other Good2Go benefits to consider

Good2Go itself only offers car insurance, but the carrier refers customers who want access to more products to a third-party service called MyLifeProtected.

Through MyLifeProtected, you may be able to purchase the following types of coverage:

  • home insurance
  • Tenant insurance
  • Animal insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Legal insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Home warranty

Since these types of insurance are offered by a third-party partner and underwritten by several different companies, eligibility and availability will likely vary.

Good2Go social responsibility

Good2Go does not appear to have a specific social responsibility program, but it supports several initiatives to encourage the safety of its policyholders and others on the road. The company partners with the LifeSaver app, which blocks incoming text messages while on the road, to help promote safe driving habits. Additionally, company CEO Joe DeLago also challenged major automakers to innovate and create safer vehicles.

Not sure if Good2Go is right for you? Consider these alternatives

Auto insurance is a personalized purchase; the best car insurance company for you will vary depending on your wants and needs. Even high-risk drivers usually have more than one coverage option, depending on the state they live in.

If you’re not sure if Good2Go is the right solution, these carriers may also be worth quoting:

  • The general: This carrier offers coverage in all 50 states and Washington, DC, so it might be a good choice if Good2Go isn’t offered in your area.
  • SafeAuto: SafeAuto, which also specializes in covering high-risk drivers, offers a digital app, which can be particularly great if you want to manage your policy on the go.
  • Automatic direct: If you’re looking for a long list of discounts, Direct Auto offers 16 savings opportunities for customers to save on insurance costs.


Discount rate score

Exchange rate scores primarily reflect a weighted ranking of industry standard ratings for financial strength and customer experience, in addition to analysis of annual premiums quoted by Quadrant Information Services, covering all 50 states and Washington, D.C. DC We know it’s important for drivers to feel confident that their financial protection covers the most likely risks, is priced competitively and is provided by a financially strong company with a track record of positive customer support.

In determining how well the top auto insurance companies meet these priorities, third-party agency ratings from JD Power, AM Best, S&P, NAIC, and Moodys had the most impact on the companies’ currency scores. . Since price is a common consideration for drivers, we analyzed quoted premiums based on 40-year-old male and female drivers with a 2019 Toyota Camry. This profile, evaluated on over 35,000 U.S. zip codes, has provided a basis on which drivers can compare each supplier.

While coverage options, insurer availability, affordability and customer experience are often top priorities, Bankrate also analyzed each insurer’s online and mobile resources for managing policies and handling claims. Insurance is changing rapidly to keep pace with our digital world, so these aspects have also weighed in determining the exchange rate scores.