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ROAD trips are always exciting until you have to dig into hundreds of additional insurance coverage charges for car rentals.

With extra dollars of additional insurance coverage, the bill can be a stress to bear.


Despite the extra charges for rental car insurance, it’s important to research and compare over the long term.Credit: Getty Images

Average car rental prices also soared as inflation and rising gas prices hit the United States.

With rental car prices up 64% between April 7 and May 26 compared to the same period in 2019, the car alone costs an average of $81 per day per kayak.

From May 27 to September 6, the average price will increase by 67%, reaching an average of $101 per day.

With the price of car rental already high, you might consider foregoing your rental company’s insurance policy using your existing car insurance coverage.

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However, it’s important to research all the options to see which choice saves you the most money.

Whether you opt out of rental car insurance or end up adding company coverage depends on your current insurance policy.

If you have an older vehicle and are paying the minimum liability plan, it doesn’t cover a rental car, according to Insurance Information Institute spokeswoman Janet Ruiz.

With such plans, saving money by opting out of car rental auto insurance may actually result in a higher loss.

The two keywords to look for on the policy are collision and comprehensive coverage, according to Staci Lee, senior automotive product manager for Farmers Insurance.

Collision insurance covers everything from your car colliding with another vehicle, collision with an object, to your car being involved only, such as rollovers.

Comprehensive insurance covers everything from theft to natural disasters.

If your car is fairly new, your auto insurance policy probably contains both comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

With such insurance plans, opting out of the rental company’s insurance costs might be a better option.

“I have decent car insurance and don’t feel the need for an extra, and it saves you quite a bit of money on rentals,” Ruiz shares with The Wall Street Journal.

Lee also suggests checking with your insurance plan to see if it covers administrative costs, including towing, as rental companies can potentially charge you while the car is being repaired.

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A good thing to note is that if you have an accident with a rental car, your original policy will be affected just like your own car.

To avoid such results, some drivers prefer to adhere to the policy of the rental company.

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