Justice Wadyajena: A handicap to the vision of the new regime

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the new dispensation are working tirelessly to build Zimbabwe brick by brick. It is surprising that the Midlands politician who claims to be very close to President ED Mnangagwa is at the forefront of derailing the work and momentum of the new dispensation.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena was born in Bulawayo on November 19, 1980. He took over Gokwe Nembudziya constituency from veteran politician and hard worker Flora Buka using underhanded means and claims he had the support of President ED Mnangagwa against Flora buka.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena crafted false allegations against veteran ZANU PF member Flora Buka. The mayor ensured Buka was accused of sabotaging government programs in the Midlands province, calling unauthorized meetings and allegations that she urged supporters to chant divisive slogans.

She also faced trumped up charges of kidnapping Women’s League members and forcing them to elect her ahead of the league’s national conference.

Buka was then sentenced to a five-year suspension in 2015 by Zanu-PF and the suspension was lifted in December 2016 when the party realized the allegations were false. The party never took any action against Wadyajena who had engineered these false accusations against the dreaded Flora Buka.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena used his proximity to President ED Mnangagwa to seize power in Gokwe Nembudziya.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena has a habit of using his name suppression skills to secure contracts for his Mayor’s Logistics and Mayor’s Construction businesses.

The flamboyant lawmaker Zanu PF and Mayor Wadyajena’s construction company, Mayor Contracting, recently derailed the new dispensation’s road rehabilitation program. The mayor’s company saw its road rehabilitation contract in the province of Mashonaland West terminated for poor workmanship and failure to meet deadlines.

The decision was taken after Mashonaland West Provincial Roads Engineer Simbarashe wrote to Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development Permanent Secretary Theodius Chinyanga recommending that the contract be canceled as the company does not had only done 25% of the work.

The Project Engineer, acting under ZGCC4 clause 65(1)(e), hereby writes to the employer certifying that the contractor, Mayor Contracting Pvt Ltd, engaged to perform the above mentioned contract failed to perform in accordance with the terms of the contract. In the opinion of the project engineer, the contractor is unable to carry out the work in accordance with the approved work program,” the letter dated January 22 reads.

President ED Mnangagwa and the new dispensation build roads and focus on infrastructure development while Wadyajena who claims to be close to the president gets a contract to show his patriotism and he drops the new dispensation by doing shoddy work.

The mayor goes on to further tarnish the image of the new dispensation by importing a luxury vehicle worth US$400,000 and not paying tax for the vehicle, an offense that got Douglas Tapfuma, a presidential aide, locked up . Fortunately, Mayor Wadyajena has managed to get out of the Lamborghini saga.

Recently, he was embroiled in an unnecessary fight with Borrowdale Brooke property management and its neighbors.

President ED Mnangagwa preached life in peace, unity and harmony while Mayor Wadyajena does the exact opposite and claims to be mentored by President ED Mnangagwa.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena is a divisive figure who is abusing his relationship with President ED Mnangagwa for selfish gains and that should end.

Wadyajena failed to serve the people of Gokwe Nembudziya and he also failed to serve the new dispensation with diligence, dignity and honor.

Mayor Wadyajena must go to the school of ideology in Chitepo and learn to serve the people and learn to lead and live with the people in a way that does not discredit the party and the president. Lameck Rangwani
Gokwe Nembudziya

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