Letter: Biden misleads the responsibility of arms manufacturers | Letters to the Editor

In 2005, a bipartisan Congress passed the Lawful Arms Trade Protection Act (PLCAA). “It protects manufacturers and dealers of firearms from liability when crimes have been committed with their products. Manufacturers and dealers of firearms can still be held liable for damages resulting from defective products, breakage of contract, criminal wrongdoing, and other actions for which they are directly responsible. They may also be held liable for negligent assignment when they have reason to know that a firearm is intended to be used in a crime. A gun that works properly is not defective! Before the PLCAA, the anti-gun mob sued gun manufacturers in an attempt to ruin them financially. The reason Biden and Democrats want repeal of PLCAA Automobiles have been used to mow down crowds of people Should auto companies be financially responsible for these deaths and ble sure? Commercial firearms are made/sold for home/self-defense, hunting, and sporting enjoyment. According to the film Shane, “A gun is as good or as bad as the person who uses it.”

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.