Live Nation claims ‘no responsibility’ in Drakeo The Ruler stabbing death at LA concert

2021 Rolling Loud Los Angeles – Credit: WireImage

Live Nation raises the curtain on its defense against a trio of lawsuits brought by the son, mother and brother of late Los Angeles rapper Drakeo The Ruler.

Drakeo, born Darrell Caldwell, was stabbed to death backstage at the Once Upon A Time in LA concert in downtown Los Angeles on December 18, 2021. No arrests have been announced in the case.

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In a filing made public on Tuesday, Live Nation argued that negligence and tort claims brought by Drakeo’s brother, Devante Caldwell, and several members of the brothers’ rap collective Stinc Team who were with the brothers at the time of the incident. murderous attack did not state sufficient grounds for the case to proceed.

In a morning hearing, a lawyer for Live Nation said the formal challenge, known as an objection, would be followed by a similar objection filed Thursday against the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Drakeo’s mother, Darrylène. Corniel. Attorney, Celeena B. Pompeo, said she is awaiting an amended wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of Drakeo’s only child, Caiden Caldwell, before likely filing a motion to consolidate the three cases to fight them. together.

In the objection obtained by rolling stone On Tuesday, Live Nation said it could not be held responsible for the “violent mob” of around 50 to 100 people who “made knives and stabbed Drakeo” in a gruesome ambush minutes before he performed . The promoter argued that under state law it had no obligation to prevent ‘third-party criminal behavior’ at the concert venue because no ‘prior similar incident’ had taken place at a concert there, so he had no reason to suspect unsafe conditions.

Live Nation also argued that he should be off the hook because no one associated with Drakeo “asked for extra security” or informed promoters that the rapper “faces constant threats and hostility from gang members”.

The judge handling the case is not expected to rule on the objection for months. On Tuesday, the judge said she plans to set a trial date for the case likely to be consolidated at a follow-up hearing on September 20.

Drakeo was 28 when he was stabbed in the neck during the concert. The California Highway Patrol is overseeing the homicide investigation, as the incident occurred on state property. The agency has yet to release details of any leads or suspects in the eight-month-old case.

According to the lawsuits of his relatives, Drakeo was targeted by various gang members in Los Angeles because he “refused to actively participate in gang activity”, refused to “pick” a side and was acquitted of charges. charges relating to the “false allegation” that he was involved in the murder of a member of the Bloods gang.

“Although they were exonerated of having been involved in any way in the murder of the Bloods gang member, it was widely known to the public through social media and otherwise that some Bloods gang members had dismissed acquittal and sought to demand street justice”. ‘against Darrell,’ Corniel’s lawsuit states. “This was evidenced by heated exchanges between Darrell and alleged members of the Bloods where they argued via social media.”

The grieving mother’s lawsuit claims that Live Nation and other defending promoters including C3 Presents, Bobby Dee Presents and even Snopp Dogg’s LLC “knew or should have known that the music festival’s location in south central Los Angeles, a haven for gang activity, featuring artists who are members or affiliated with gangs, would attract gang members and related gang feuds to the premises.

The long list of artists at the Once Upon A Time in LA festival included Al Green, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and YG.

Drakeo’s career was just beginning to flourish when his life was cut short. Following his acquittal in the murder case that had him behind bars for nearly three years, he released two full albums and collaborated with Drake on the 2021 single “Talk to Me.”

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