McLaren reveals details of latest ‘comprehensive update’

Ian Parkes

Friday, September 30, 2022 09:51 – Update: 09:51

McLaren has revealed details of what it described as a “comprehensive update” to its MCL36 for this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

The upgrade is done on Lando Norris’ car only, with Daniel Ricciardo having to wait until next weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix for the revised package.

With six races remaining, although the teams have mainly focused on their cars for 2023, McLaren continues to be aggressive in design.

For racing at the Marina Bay street circuit, Norris’ car will feature revised bodywork and flooring, including the entry to the sidepods, floorboard bodywork and fences.

The main pontoon changes are a revised front entry and coke line, which is a continuation of the development stages originally introduced in Spain and then again in France.

The body and floor have been developed together to increase downforce in various conditions.

The new floor, in particular, aims to increase overall ground loading without a drag penalty, thereby increasing aerodynamic efficiency.

The body also sports new cooling vents, consistent with the high temperatures expected.

McLaren says the louvers allow it to adjust power unit cooling for different tracks and ambient conditions, and are designed to minimize losses in the flow area at the rear of the car, reducing to in turn the back downforce effect when cooling is increased. .

Norris’ car also has a new front brake duct which has a large intake which increases cooling airflow to the discs as the track is one of the hardest on the brakes.

McLaren can also test a central diffuser which alters the local flow behavior seen with changes in ride height. A decision will be made on its use.

Ricciardo explains “Why him?” regarding Norris upgrade

Ricciardo, meanwhile, can understand why only Norris will wear the new pieces this weekend.

The Australian, who is leaving the team at the end of the season, said: “I guess the question is ‘Why him?’

“It’s largely a development towards 2023, so that’s about it. Obviously he’s there next year, not me.

“So for him to have another weekend to give the team feedback and direction for next year is ultimately the reason.

“This weekend he is getting the update, but as far as I know in Japan I will have exactly the same as him.

“I think this will be our last update, so I would say as far as Japan is concerned, I anticipate that we will have the same things until the end of the year.

“Again, if there’s maybe a 2023 part in sight, I’m guessing he probably gets it, but I think this weekend is probably the only one where there will be that difference.”