Miami wrongful death attorney David H. Charlip discusses Florida liability and wrongful death laws

Miami wrongful death attorney David Charlip publishes a new article ( explaining how wrongful death lawsuits work in Florida. The attorney also provides insight into determining whether liability exists and how to prove its standing in a wrongful death claim. Attorney Charlip mentions that standing refers to a party’s ability to bring a lawsuit. In order to bring a legal action, a sufficient interest or connection with the legal issue must be established.

According to the Miami wrongful death attorney, “A personal representative files the wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the surviving members. Each member of the survivor’s family who has an interest is named in the wrongful death lawsuit. The surviving members family may include spouse, children, parents and any blood relatives dependent on the deceased for support and services.

Proof of negligence is also necessary to hold the liable party liable for wrongful death and to receive compensation for damages. First, it must be proven that the defendant owes the victim a duty of care. In many cases, such a duty of care is implicit. For example, every driver is expected to drive carefully and reasonably.

The second element to be established is the breach of duty of care. Breach occurs when a defendant acts negligently. If a driver ignored their duty of care by speeding and a car accident occurs due to their negligence, the driver could be held liable. Establishing the causal link for the wrongful death is also necessary to build the case. The lawyer mentions that it stands to reason that the breach of duty of care must be determined as the cause of death to have a case.

“Finally, prove that the accident caused damage. Death is a very obvious loss. However, there are other possible damages for family members, such as funeral and burial expenses and loss of wages and income. The damage can often be both immediate and lasting,” says the Florida wrongful death attorney.

Finally, attorney David Charlip acknowledges that proving liability for wrongful death can be legally complicated and emotionally draining, especially after the loss of a loved one. The attorney stresses the importance of having an experienced wrongful death attorney when filing such a lawsuit. A qualified attorney may be able to provide information and help bereaved family members receive the compensation they deserve.

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