New liability law for electric scooters requested

Until now, drivers and owners of vehicles with a maximum design speed of less than 20 km/h were not liable in the event of an accident. At the traffic court conference, it was stated that this regulation was no longer up to date given the evolution of vehicles.

The rules are no longer up to date

Currently, people who drive or own, for example, an e-scooter or a slow tractor have an advantage over anyone who drives a car, motorbike or scooter: they don’t have to be held liable in the event of an accident. only in the event of partial fault. can be proven beyond any doubt. On the other hand, those who drive a fast vehicle are responsible for any damage caused in many more cases.

Given the development of traffic, this regulation is no longer relevant, it was said at the conference of the traffic court in Goslar. The meeting, which takes place once a year, is devoted to traffic law and discusses current issues. This year’s agenda focused on issues related to electric scooters. Maneuverable electric scooters, which can be driven without a licence, are becoming more and more widespread, especially in large cities, are more and more victims of accidents – and travel at less than 20 km/h, which means that they come under the special liability regulation regime. Faster electric scooters like Segway’s KickScooter GT2, which reaches top speeds of 70 km/h, exist but are not homologated in Germany. In addition to the president of the Verkehrsgerichtstag, the jurist Ansgar Staudinger, the Automobilclub von Deutschland also spoke out in favor of amending liability law.

More resources for regulators?

In addition, there have been calls for better staffing of regulatory authorities to better prosecute traffic violations committed on e-scooters. The Traffic Courts Conference also understands this request as a reaction to the growing importance of these vehicles in road traffic. Furthermore, it was stated that compulsory insurance for e-scooters is quite possible in the future.

Focus on cycling and cannabis

The Road Safety Day agenda also included issues relating to bicycle safety and cannabis in road traffic. In the latter area, calls have been made for an increase in THC limits, which could become particularly relevant in the event of the possible legalization of cannabis.