New Video Shows Fatal Collision With DUI, Driver Apologizes Before Punishment

By Corin Hogard

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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – An apology, pardon and punishment Thursday in the case of a hit-and-run driver who was impaired when he killed a man on a motorcycle in October 2019.

Deandre Conley’s family members are mostly ready to forgive the man who killed him and tried to get away with it, but there’s one big detail they’re struggling to forget.

Dashcam video shows a driver cruising through Golden State south of Fresno at around 58 miles per hour.

Nick Salsedo, Jr. drives past the car on the left and within seconds you can see a fiery collision in the distance.

Salsedo had run through the red light on Church Avenue at about 110 miles per hour and crashed into 38-year-old Deandre Conley on a motorcycle.

That Salsedo went on and later lied about it is what replays in the minds of Conley’s family members.

“He was left alone on this street during the dark hours of the night,” Conley’s brother-in-law Steven Souders said.

“Instead of Nick trying to provide help immediately after hitting my nephew, he ran away from the place only to come back with stupid lies trying to cover up his role in my nephew’s death Dorothy Smith said in a statement read in court by a victims’ advocate.

“Based on the speed at which he hit Mr. Conley, it took him 917 feet to stop his vehicle and immediately after exiting his vehicle he returned to the scene of the collision to report the theft of his vehicle. car,” prosecutor Steven Ueltzen said.

“Your conscience intervened at some point, whether you denied it or not, your conscience intervened and you came back,” Lavonda James told Salsedo in court.

The mother of Conley’s child told the defendant, “I forgive you. My child forgives you.

Salsedo was on probation at the time, and a jury found him guilty of two counts, including manslaughter with an impaired vehicle.

Salsedo had the support in court of his father, who himself killed someone in a DUI car collision near Turlock in 2013.

Some of Conley’s family members complained that Salsedo never showed remorse.

They finally got it on Thursday.

“I’m so sorry,” Salsedo, Jr. said. “I’m so sorry.”

The judge sentenced Salsedo to the maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

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