Over 30 people injured in collision with Legoland Germany roller coaster

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A roller coaster crash at Legoland amusement park in southern Germany has injured more than 30 people after a roller coaster car failed to stop for reasons still unknown.

At the “Feuerdrache” or “Fire Dragon” attraction of Legoland Germany, a roller coaster car stopped in front of the station entrance. But a second car did not come to a complete stop, colliding with the first train, Legoland Germany said in a written statement to The Washington Post.

The reason the car did not stop is unknown and an investigation has been opened, the park’s media office added.

The incident happened around 1:45 p.m. Thursday local time. A total of 38 guests were on the two trains, 31 of whom suffered minor injuries which were treated at the scene by doctors and paramedics. Of them, 14 were sent for further observation, where one person required medical treatment, Legoland Germany said.

The park area was evacuated, the press office said. The emergency response team included at least three helicopters as well as fire, police and paramedic teams. Prosecution officials arrived at the site, Sky News reported.

The Legoland Deutschland Resort said Thursday that the ride will be temporarily closed. The park told the Post that while the park will be open tomorrow, the “Fire Dragon” will remain closed “for now.”

“We would like to thank all the emergency personnel who showed great commitment to the site today and we wish a speedy recovery to everyone involved,” said Legoland Germany Division Manager Manuela Stone, in a statement sent to The Post by the park’s media office.

The medieval-themed ride has people lined up in a castle-like structure adorned with coats of arms, stained glass windows and faux stone arches. The roller coaster cars – which race around the twists, drops and turns of the roller coaster – are shaped like a green Lego dragon.

“Riding on the back of a fire-breathing dragon, you see what life was like in a medieval castle, meeting valiant knights and pretty damsels”, Legoland Deutschland Resort wrote describing the journey. “But beware, don’t let the LEGO® dragon guarding the treasure chambers scare you off!” Passing through an open-air gate, you reach the final ride of the ride that will rock you as you race along this roller coaster.

The attraction was open to riders aged 6 years old with accompaniment, or 8 years old for solo riders, according to the Legoland Germany website. There are also minimum height requirements of 3½ feet for accompanied children, 3 feet 9 inches for unaccompanied.

According Dark Ride Databasewhich collects information about dark ride attractions – “a transportation system that takes passengers through a building with a number of scenes,” the website describes – the length of the “Fire Dragon” ride is 1,476 feet, with a maximum speed of 35 mph and a maximum height of 52 feet.

Last week, a roller coaster accident at another German amusement park – Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten in the south-west of the country – killed a 57-year-old woman. She slipped from her seat and fell 26ft as her roller coaster car moved around a curve, DW reported.