Park+ launches India’s first comprehensive car listing feature with over 1,800 models

New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsView) Park+ is an app-based platform and website for car owners that solves all their daily hassles. A one-stop solution for parking reservations to challan payments, FASTag recharge, RTO vehicle information, traffic checker, car information and more. The RFID tag affixed to each car will ensure the circulation of only authorized vehicles. Recently, Park+ came up with its brand new car listing feature. Buying a car is the second most expensive purchase for anyone, and finding a vehicle that’s perfect for you can be another difficult task. From the most expensive car to the cheapest, Park+ has it all in one place. Also, your choice of car is heavily influenced by the purpose of the car. Consider the ever-increasing price of fuel and the types of fuel that power car engines when driving around town, long distances, or on road trips. Some of the important features of the new car list are: • It provides detailed car information such as specifications, mileage, interior and exterior, and road price.

• You can add filters on brands, body, type of fuel and price range.

• Park+ has over 1800 car data with full information on their website. There are many choices in the same price range. Users can limit their options to a few vehicles with the same important characteristics. Park+ offers comprehensive information on over 1800 cars from key manufacturers such as Maruti, KIA, Hyundai, Tata and Honda.

In the 21st century, people are turning to electric vehicles as a contribution to the environment. Plus, because fuel is so expensive, electric cars are a more convenient option. Check the Park+ Car listing feature to stay up to date on the latest electric cars. Before buying a car, do all the research you can and don’t take the car information at face value. Park+ provides all the important information one needs about a car.

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