Phillips & Associates, Inc. handles property, equipment, and general liability insurance claims for Madison County

MADISON, MS – (NewMediaWire) – November 15, 2022 – Home, business and real estate owners need adjusters to investigate claims and determine loss caused by Mother Nature, accident or actions negligent. Phillips & Associates, Inc. is proud of its long history of service to the insurance industry and its experienced staff. They believe that no loss is too big or too small for claims representatives, which is why they offer fast, comprehensive service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company has over 45 years of experience as a multi-line independent adjuster serving Madison County and the Gulf Coast region.

Over the years, Claims Representatives have developed a deep understanding of the need for service excellence in areas prone to natural disasters. Each of them has a wide range of insurance specialties in several states, ranging from attending continuing education courses, conferences, seminars and training. They keep abreast of emerging issues in real estate claims management, insurance industry trends, old and new laws, property requirements and client needs. The adjuster also appreciates insurance companies and their trust in representatives to handle unresolved claims for their benefits and their policyholders. All adjusters and representatives are employees of W2 to promote long-term commitment and stability in claims administration.

Claims sought under property insurance policies include various events and parties. Phillips & Associates, Inc. handles claims for lender-placed residential and commercial policies. Adjusters appreciate the nuances that arise in property claims due to various types of property. Since the damage is related to overlying structures, land, bodily injury or personal property, the team provides objective perspectives to the process and assesses property claims for cost effective solutions. Adjusters engage in proper due diligence and field assessments to identify coverage issues and make specific claims for wind, hail, vandalism, fire, tornadoes, ice storms, hurricanes, disasters and construction defects.

Small businesses and growing businesses have customers, employees, vehicles, contractors and suppliers who are potential sources of exposure to workplace/premises incidents/accidents. The law requires companies to have general liability insurance as standard and an E&S business policy to protect against loss. The adjuster has experience handling liability claims for insurance companies. The team reviews policy terms to understand how they apply to an insured’s claim before creating fair valuation records or recovering certain losses. The skill set of claims representatives extends beyond desk reviews. Instead, they conduct field investigations collecting photos and other relevant evidence for a final determination of coverage. They handle 1st/3rd party auto liability investigations, workers compensation, total loss appraisals, mediation, premises liability and freight loss.

Mississippi is home to businesses that use, borrow, and own heavy machinery and equipment to provide services or transport goods. When incidents such as machine faults, unprecedented accidents, severe weather conditions, or operator negligence occur, the Company’s Home Marine and Heavy Equipment Policy takes effect. As an independent marine adjuster, Phillips & Associates, Inc. conducts the necessary field investigations and documentary reviews for trailers, farm equipment, trucks, cranes/rigging, contractor tools, freight and shipping equipment. The adjuster understands the exposure of liability involved when assessing claims, which is why they follow detailed procedures for the terms and conditions of the policy. They also leverage their knowledge to identify responsible parties for events to pursue appropriate defenses or compensation.

The Independent Adjuster uses the FileTrac(TM) online file reporting system to assign, classify, manage and archive claim adjustments. The system manages client/expert communication, data entry requirements and report/photo uploads. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive claims management reports, the adjuster provides hard-copy or online results accessible from a PDA. Additionally, CMS software offers custom programs for ongoing support, whether a client needs a secure connection, file reviews, surveys, or determinations. The software also uses SSL data encryption and daily backup protocols to keep online banking information, e-commerce transactions, and other data secure.

Phillips & Associates, Inc. serves Madison, Gulfport, Holly Springs, Mobile, Pinola, Metairie, Fairhope and Greenville. To file a claim, call 601-956-5650 or visit their website to learn more about their Madison County office. Customers can also securely track the progress of their complaints once they have filed an assessment online. The company is located at 1300 Hwy 15, Madison, MS, 39110, USA.

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Company Name: Phillips & Associates, Inc.

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Address: 1300 Highway 15

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