Pranjal Agrawal, CEO of Furnmill, Sheds Light on Comprehensive Analysis of Furniture Market in India

Kota, Rajasthan, India – Business Wire India Born out of a passion for original design and a desire to create products for every home, Pranjal Agrawal’s futuristic vision for solutions and alliances to make the latest in home design. he interior accessible to tier one and tier two markets has always served as a driving force. The 26-year-old multi-faceted second-generation entrepreneur and CEO of Hèrmosa Design Studio launched one of his latest ventures named “Furnmill” in October 2021, which meets the high demands of millennial India. Furnmill promises well-designed, multifunctional and reasonably priced furniture. What started in 2019 as a concept on paper has now metamorphosed into an undisputed brand of aesthetic and comfortable furniture. “With Furnmill, I seek to carry on the legacy of Hermosa, a company that has always been synonymous with quality and solidity. I want to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Furnmill feels well cared for by our company, whether they are customers or employees. I also seek to revolutionize and beautify every Indian home with style by offering high quality furnishing products at affordable prices. The brand has recently launched a collection named ‘Modern Maison’ which offers an opulent range of living room, dining room, bedroom and study room furniture plus a luxurious addition of minimalist yet versatile accessories including organizers, cake stands, floor cushions, all well crafted and reasonably priced, especially with affordable luxury on the rise!The collection features eloquent hues woven in velvet, linen and cotton blend fabrics with a smooth 100% wood finish. s solid in beautiful finishes like dark walnut, teak, metallic, natural wood and ebony.

Made in Kota, Rajasthan with a policy of minimal wastage in manufacturing, traditional craftsmanship takes shape by infusing thought and responsibility into everyday products. “With a focus on minimalist, sleek and contemporary design, we have the best furniture solutions for urban families,” says Pranjal. “The goal is to create a product that will fulfill the desired functionality while appealing to the senses. Our furniture is designed for convenience, comfort and durability. We choose only the best raw materials to ensure that each piece is as durable as it looks. Rajasthan’s cultural hub has spawned many great designers, and the vibrant landscape is now home to the sprawling empire of Hèrmosa Design Studio and Furnmill. Decorating Haven has been credited with revolutionizing the furnishing experience for modern homeowners. The brand seeks to push the limits by multiplying by 4.5 its manufacturing unit in Kota, Rajasthan.

Pranjal Agrawal personally oversees everything from the ideation and creation of the design to the final execution of each project. With an annual growth of 180.63 cr, his deep understanding of furniture design concepts and styles matches his natural instinct for perfection. With a focus on innovation, the dedicated design team, along with Pranjal, delivers comfort and style. The dynamic leader has had some crucial learnings along the way. One of them is that teamwork – and people – should always be at the heart of everything we do. He states, “Never chase money. Instead, pursue your small goals. This is what gives satisfaction. The money will follow.

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