QuantHealth Raises $2.6M to Provide Complete Clinical Trial Simulation Solution

By enabling pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to virtually run thousands of clinical trials in minutes, QuantHealth is transforming the clinical trial design process, helping to get new drugs to patients faster and at lower cost.

TEL AVIV, Israel, October 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quant Healthan AI-based clinical trial design startup, today announced its emergence from stealth, along with a $2.6 million seed funding round led by Shoni Topwith the participation of Pitango HealthTech, Nina Capital, Bessemer (Renegade), Atooro Fund, Boston Millenia Partners and Brigham Hyde. The funding will be used to further develop QuantHealth’s platform and expand its partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical trials are the most expensive and time-consuming part of drug development. Less than 10% of drugs that enter clinical trials do not reach the market. Trial failures represent an estimate $45 billion/year, which represents approximately 25% of the global pharmaceutical R&D budget wasted each year. Nearly 75% of these failures are due to a lack of safety and efficacy, caused by a mismatch between the drug population and the drug protocol.

QuantHealth has built a unique AI-based clinical trial simulation platform that allows pharmaceutical companies to simulate their upcoming clinical trials in a cloud environment and test thousands of protocol variants to discover trial design which will maximize the chances of success.

“QuantHealth has developed a breakthrough solution to a problem that has plagued drug development companies for decades,” said Orr Inbar, CEO and co-founder of QuantHealth. “We are transforming the way pharmaceutical companies approach their clinical trials, giving them the opportunity, for the very first time, to see how their clinical trial will perform and succeed where so many others have failed. So far, we have simulated over 30 trials in oncology and autoimmune diseases with a success rate of over 85%.

QuantHealth’s AI solution is based on the integration of a large set of real data from more than 350M patients with a biomedical knowledge graph of more than 700K biomedical and therapeutic entities. This unique integration enables granular and comprehensive simulations, which are already applied by various pharmaceutical customers in the US and EU.

About Quant Health

90% of drugs fail at the clinical stage, which represents a $45 billion annual waste for pharmaceutical companies. To address this challenge from the ground up, QuantHealth’s clinical simulator predicts how each patient in a clinical trial will respond to treatment, allowing trial design teams to predict how an entire clinical trial will perform and adapt accordingly. . Based on its new AI engine and a vast dataset of 350m sick and older 700K therapeutics, QuantHealth’s simulator can predict clinical trial outcomes with high accuracy, allowing users to answer critical questions such as go/no-go trial, cohort optimization, drug repurposing, etc QuantHealth was founded by health experts who have led business, product and data science at various large companies in the United States and Israel. QuantHealth is backed by expert life science investors in the United States, Europe and Israeland is supported by an advisory board of physicians and scientists from leading academic institutions.

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