Samuel Pop perishes in a collision with a vehicle in Cotton Tree

August 8, 2022

Samuel Pop perishes in a collision with a vehicle in Cotton Tree

Samuel Pop

A family in Frank’s Eddy Village in the Cayo District continues to mourn the death of Samuel Pop, who lost his life Sunday night in a vehicle collision on the George Price Highway in Cotton Tree Village. Five other people traveling in the two vehicles suffered varying degrees of injury but survived the ordeal while Pop, who was driving a van, died instantly. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.

Duane Moody, Reporting

Around 8:30 p.m. Sunday evening, Samuel Pop was driving a van in the direction of Belmopan towards his house in Frank’s Eddy Village. Traveling with him at the time were his wife and brother-in-law. As they approached the entrance to the King’s Children’s Home in Cotton Tree, a red pick-up truck collided with them.

Alphonse Aban

ASP Alfonso Aban, OC, CIB, Eastern Division

“A red colored Toyota van which was driven at the time by Geronimo Bol who was traveling in the direction of Belize City to Belmopan and the police also saw another black colored Toyota van which was driven by a certain Max Samuel who was traveling in the opposite direction where Max Samuel was seen with various head and body injuries and died at the scene.

Heyra Monterosa says they got the dreaded call from her sister minutes after the crash. They rushed to the scene.

Voice of: Heyra Monterosa

Voice of: Heyra Monterosa, sister-in-law of the deceased

“Gial we ketch in an accident but Sam noh di responds. I say ahn weh unu deh? Weh unu deh? Ih tell me ih deh by the children’s home. And so we ran off with my dad and when we reached, a lot of people went mi deh deh and the police and the ambulance mi deh deh. When I reach I run away dah di vehicle and I’m still gone and touch fi he hand and I know I still feel fi he hand mi still. And I tell the police come out ahn, come out ahn, but dehn won’t come out ahn and ambulance mi deh deh too. So, the police tell me, we can’t miss anything, we can’t do anything either. I say yes, I feel my hand, I feel my hand. He says no miss, we can’t do anything that he killed. My little brother was injured in the head and chin. He is having a CT scan at the hospital, but everything is fine. My little sister, it was only today that she started to feel hurt. She also had an X-ray, but everything was fine.

Pop died instantly. His wife and brother-in-law were among five people taken to Belmopan Western Regional Hospital. Monterosa tells News Five that Pop pulled himself to the side of the road to avoid the collision.

Voice of: Heyra Monterosa

“They came from Benque. They went to drop my border dah grandma. When dehn came, Sam saw the vehicle coming and I told him to make sure we were on the side because the man was drunk. So he always went pan di side, but the dehn man always went crashing into him.

Duane Moody

“So he took the shoulder of the road and the other vehicle still hit him?”

Voice of: Heyra Monterosa

“Yes sir. He tried to avoid the accident.

The driver of the red van, Geronimo Bol, has since been served with a notice of intended prosecution as the investigation continues. Duane Moody for News Five.