Santa Rosa family visit Mexico in head-on collision killing mother as ‘loving, joyful and caring’

A Santa Rosa mother was killed Sunday when her family’s vehicle was involved in a head-on collision in Mexico, where her husband was seriously injured and two of their young children are also hospitalized in critical condition.

Lorena Gutierrez, 50, and her family were visiting her hometown in Uruapan, Michoacán at the time of the crash, according to Gutierrez’s sister.

Gutierrez’s husband, Pedro Arango, 57, a local chiropractor, has a life-threatening head injury and is being treated at a local hospital, according to a GoFundMe message from Raquel Gutierrez, Lorena’s sister.

Two of the couple’s children, sons Armany, 10, and Imanol, 8, who attend Kawana Elementary School in Santa Rosa, are in critical condition, the post said.

Armany suffers from severe internal bleeding in the head and Imanol from head injuries and broken bones.

The collision happened on Sunday as the family was returning to the city via the Uruapan-Lombardy highway. A driver traveling in the opposite direction hit his vehicle head-on, according to MiMorelia.coman information site in Morelia, Michoacan.

The high-speed crash involved a red Ford Ranger truck and a white Nissan compact car, according to the news site.

After a motorist called 911 to report the accident, paramedics and firefighters responded, helping the three injured survivors and pronouncing a woman and a man dead, according to the article. He did not identify the victims or specify the alleged cause.

But the message from Guiterrez’s sister indicated that Lorena was one of them and that the driver of the other vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

The GoFundMe hopes to raise money to cover medical and surgical bills for surviving family members.

Guitierrez, a mother of five, was “a loving, joyful and caring mother who did everything she could to help her family,” her sister said in the post.

La Prensa Sonoma editor Joseph Trevino contributed translation of this story.

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