Second Amendment Limited Liability Company Rules, 2022

On 4 March 2022, the Department of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) published the Limited Liability Companies Rules 2022 Second Amendment (“Amending Rules”) to further amend the provisions of the Limited Liability Companies Rules 2009. limited liability. The amending rules will come into effect. from the date of its publication in the Official Journal.

Major highlights of the modification rules:

  1. The details of a maximum of 5 persons (without DIN) can be mentioned in the application for incorporation whose DIN can be obtained at the time of incorporation. A prior DIN for up to 2 people was permitted to be procured at the time of incorporation.
  2. The LLP Incorporation Application Filing has been made web-based (similar to the company formation SPICE forms). Previous electronic forms were used to be filed for LLP incorporation.
  3. From now on, the Permanent Account Number (PAN) and the Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) would be assigned and mentioned in the certificate of incorporation of the LLP issued by the MCA.
  4. Consent to Act as Designated Partners of Designated Partners in Form 9 would be available auto-filled (web-based) which would be submitted under the digital signature of Designated Partners. This implies that all designated partners would be required to obtain their digital signature certificate to submit a request for incorporation. Previously, an application for incorporation could be submitted under the digital signature of a single named partner.
  5. From now on, in the FiLLiP form, the latitude and longitude of the address of the registered office of the LLP would be obligatory to mention.