Soon, global traffic management scheme for sector V

Kolkata: Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority (NDITA) engaged RITES to prepare a comprehensive traffic and parking management plan for Sector V, the largest IT hub in Bengal.

A meeting was recently held between senior NDITS officials, including its chairman Debashis Sen and their counterpart at RITES.

RITES will carry out a study as a consultant on current traffic congestion and parking issues in Sector V and the impact of future traffic/pedestrian increase due to upcoming metros.

The objective of the study is to develop a comprehensive traffic and parking management plan for the area of ​​Nabadiganta township. Suggest infrastructure changes such as parking bays, no-parking zones and cycle lanes and rationalization of parking fees to encourage off-street parking. Improving the parking collection procedure, among others.

RITES has recommended that 30% of car parks be reserved for short-term parking and 70% for long-term parking over 5 hours.

Demarcated lots for long-term parking can be auctioned quarterly by the NDITA authority with the vehicle registration number.

A Google Pay/Paytm account must be created for parking fee collection.

RITES has identified two areas, Munshir bhery in the east and southeast corners near Chintasing bheri to develop new off-street parking facilities.

Larger capacity electric vehicles (10-12 seats) are offered as a feed service. No permanent structures will be permitted on the sidewalks.

Instead, an appropriate license will be issued to all Sector V peddlers.

They will use motorized or non-motorized vans for sale in Sector V.

They will be allowed to sell their items at a fixed time of the day.

Temporary parking arrangements can be made at state transit company premises during major exam days.

A buffer zone will be created for the waiting of candidates and their guardians.