The battery-powered oscilloscope offers a full set of “self-diagnosis presets”

Saelig Company, Inc now offers the Micsig SATO1004 automotive tablet oscilloscope with four channels, 100 MHz bandwidth, an easy-to-use touchscreen, and a full vehicle diagnostics package. With its 1GSa/s signal sampling rate, it is a powerful, professional and cost-effective vehicle test tool for evaluating systems including ABS, accelerator pedal, gear position throttle, fuel pressure, air flow meter, crankshaft, camshaft, knock, MAP, 12/24V charging and starting, charging ripple, starting current sensors, actuators, ignition and networks (CAN, LIN, Flex ray, K line, etc.) Developed for portable and benchtop use, the Li-ion battery supports five hours of portable operation, or the oscilloscope can be connected to an adapter external 12V power supply for continuous use. A self-calibration function ensures measurement accuracy.

The oscilloscope is a complete vehicle diagnostic tool with a set of “automotive diagnostic presets”, powerful signal capture and analysis capabilities, smart bus trigger and decoding features that include: UART, LIN , SPI, CAN, I2C, 1553B, 429, etc. It also supports PC and smartphone remote control.

This innovative handheld instrument combines an 8-inch capacitive TFT LCD touchscreen (touch, swipe and swipe) with traditional “knob and button” operation to simplify and optimize oscilloscope operation. The built-in HDMI output adds educational and demonstration options for large screens or projectors. Live screen images can be transmitted to an external projector when the oscilloscope is connected to a LAN or Wi-Fi network. The oscilloscope can display or be remotely controlled via WiFi, LAN or USB via a PC, a Android or iOS mobile device.

These scopes are offered as a standard kit that includes several automotive probes, or as an extended master kit that adds an extra pair of multimeter probes, a secondary sensor, and a hard case.