‘The collision literally felt like a bomb blast’ – NY Mets Star recalls harrowing March 2022 crash that made him believe ‘the end’ was near

New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso recently said he has PTSD. Alonso had a horrible car accident this year in March. Fortunately, Alonso survived the crash without any serious injuries. But flashbacks of the nightmarish incident still haunt him.

Pete Alonso is popularly known as “Polar Bear” in the baseball community for his immense physical strength. True to his nickname, he is a virtuoso in terms of smashing home runs. Basically a puncher, Alonso defends in first base position. He holds the record for being the rookie with the most home runs, scoring 53 home runs to his name.


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Pete Alonso had a fatal car accident during spring training. His car was completely destroyed. But Alonso made a miraculous escape without sustaining a serious injury. However, in an elaborate description, Alonso recently explained how the frightening memories of the car crash still linger in his mind.

Pete Alonso survived brutal car accident but suffers from PTSD

On March 13, 2022, New York Mets star actor Pete Alonso was involved in a near-fatal car accident. He had a near-death experience, as his car overturned three times after being hit. A driver at the crossing ran a red light and rammed Alonso’s car with extreme force. After the accident, Alonso said he was lucky to be alive and even attended training sessions the next day. While Alonso’s car, on the other hand, was nearly reduced to a pulp.

In a recent Publish on The Player’s Tribune, Pete Alonso mentioned his struggles with PTSD after the potentially fatal crash. Alonso emerged physically unscathed, but his mind is still in shock. “When it happened I was super relaxed and not worried about anything. I just drive my truck like I do all the time. I got a green light. Nothing unusual at all,” Alonso wrote in the newspaper.

“The light wasn’t even yellow, it was just a straight green light. So for the driver coming from the side, the light was red. It’s a situation we’re all in all the time, isn’t it? You have green and you continue. You don’t even think about it”. Alonso further added“You’re just assuming that the driver at the red light is obviously going to stop. In my case, however, the person didn’t stop. His car slammed into the side of my truck. The collision literally felt like the explosion of a bomb. Then, before I could even understand what had happened, my truck started to overturn”.


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The fight continues for Alonso

“Okay, that’s it. It’s over for me. I’m done. The end,” Pete Alonso remembers thinking about this exact moment. Alonso feels lucky not only to have survived the wreckage, but also to have no significant injuries. He credited his Ford car with protecting him and absorbing the blow. Nonetheless, he still tries to shake off the myriad scenarios that could have been worse off his psyche.


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So how can Pete Alonso win his battle with PTSD?