Three-vehicle collision rumbles morning commute – North Delta Reporter

Several people were slightly injured after a collision between three cars at the intersection of 60th Avenue and 168th Street on May 26.

The morning collision partially closed the intersection and diverted traffic to Five corners.

“I don’t think there were any serious injuries,” said nearby 7-11 manager Hossein. Cloverdale Journalist. “There was no ambulance, but the driver of the red car was hit by the airbag. This car is burned out.

Hossein did not see the accident. He ran out of his office thinking, “Not yet,” after hearing a loud bang.

“It’s a dangerous intersection,” he explained. “People are still racing for amber. There was another accident here two weeks ago.

Hossein said there was also a heartbreaking death at the intersection in 2017 when a wife was hit by a vehicle as she was crossing the road.

“She was only 21,” Hossein said. “She was crossing this street when she was hit by a car. She died a few days later in hospital. It was so terrible, such a mess. There’s a memorial stone on the corner now.

This stone is on the floor across from 7 to 11, next to the Boothroyd Heritage Coffee.

Hossein thinks something needs to be done at this intersection to get drivers to slow down.
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