Trackside vehicle crash in Rohnert Park results in collision with SMART train

A three-car crash in Rohnert Park on Thursday evening pushed a vehicle into the path of an oncoming SMART train, causing a collision but no injuries to the motorist or train passengers, authorities said.

At approximately 5:50 p.m., the Rohnert Park Public Safety Department responded to a bumper-to-bumper crash involving three vehicles on the Rohnert Park Freeway, Rohnert Park Deputy Chief Kevin Kilgore said.

The chain reaction crash caused a Toyota Prius to come to rest with its front bumper lightly on nearby SMART tracks, Kilgore said.

The driver exited the Prius before being hit by a southbound train traveling at around 15-20 mph moments later, officials said.

The train stopped on the tracks, blocking two-way traffic on the Rohnert Park Freeway for about 90 minutes, the department said in a news release.

No injuries were reported.

The intersection of the lane at Rohnert Park Expressway is controlled by crossing arms in both directions. It was not immediately clear what the involvement, if any, of the crossing arm was in the accident.

“That’s all the information we release,” Kilgore said, declining to provide further details about the three-vehicle crash. “We generally don’t report who is responsible for a vehicle accident unless there has been an arrest.”

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