Update from Kiely Rodni: A full look at the investigation after a recent discovery

On the same day law enforcement officials announced plans to scale back their efforts, a volunteer organization called Adventures with Purpose traveled to California to lend its talents to the search. The group, which has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, bills itself as an “underwater sonar search and recovery dive team helping families locate missing loved ones underwater.”

Immediately after arriving at Prosser Creek Reservoir, they began to search for Rodni. And shortly before 2.30pm on Sunday, they announced they had located the missing teenager after searching for around 35 minutes. His silver 2013 Honda CR-V, which was overturned in 14 feet of water, was later removed from the tank.

While the area had already been searched, a member of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said officials in the area did not have the same level of skill and expertise as Adventures With Purpose. They added that they believe their initial efforts narrowed the possible locations.

How his vehicle ended up in the tank is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol Major Accident Investigation Team. The FBI also offered to inspect the SUV.