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Tylersport, Pennsylvania — (SBWIRE) — 04/05/2022 — Many small business owners use vehicles they don’t own for their business operations. Whether renting, leasing or borrowing cars, the business owner must carry Hired Not Owned Automobile Insurance (HNOA). In addition to covering property damage that the owner or his employees may cause during an accident, this type of insurance also covers bodily injury sustained during the incident. Because few small businesses know the importance of HNOA insurance and its offerings, USMC Insurance wants to share how essential the bodily injury coverage of this policy is.

Car accidents can happen at any time during business operations. A business owner could miss a stop sign on his way to a business meeting and trap an oncoming vehicle. An employee might stare at their phone for a split second while driving around town making deliveries, then knock someone down in front of them. Within seconds, the small business owner could be held liable for bodily injury to the driver or passenger of the other vehicle.

Without HNOA insurance, the small business could lose all of its money trying to pay for the damages the accident victim is suing. If they had an HNOA policy and the accident occurred while they were driving a borrowed, leased or leased vehicle, the policy would cover any lawsuit costs resulting from the other driver claiming bodily injury.

The business insurance company based in Pennsylvania always makes sure its policyholders understand that HNOA does not cover injuries sustained by employees in an automobile accident involving a rented, borrowed, or business-leased vehicle. Small business owners would need workers’ compensation insurance so that employees receive medical coverage for their injuries. HNOA only covers bodily injury sustained by the other driver or passenger.

It only takes one car accident resulting in bodily injury to sink a small business when it doesn’t have the proper coverage. USMC Insurance highlights the importance for businesses to protect themselves against costly incidents with employee and non-owner auto coverage. Business owners can get HNOA coverage today by visiting

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