Venator to Highlight Full Line of Solar Reflective Pigments at K2022

The dazzling range of solar reflective pigments is the widest available to plastics formulators

WYNYARD, United Kingdom, October 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Venator returns to K2022 in October where it will demonstrate its unrivaled expertise in manufacturing pigments for the plastics industry that have solar reflective capabilities. After record temperatures across Europe this summer, Venator will take its time to Dusseldorf to highlight the breadth of its portfolio of infrared reflective pigments – which is the most comprehensive of its kind available to formulators wishing to improve the thermal stability and durability of plastics.

Venator is a leading supplier of performance pigments and additives to the global plastics industry – with an innovative range of products that bring color and vibrancy while protecting and extending the life of all kinds of plastics, from furniture and food packaging to car interiors and building materials. When it comes to solar reflective pigments, Venator has a range of technologies available including:

  • ALTIRIS® pigments – an award-winning range of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments used to improve the durability of plastics and prevent warping and fading caused by the sun. Specific products include ALTIRIS® W400 – a near-infrared reflective pigment that can improve the thermal stability and durability of white, gloss, and light-colored plastics used in exterior applications such as window and door profiles, siding, decking, soffit, and the fascia. Venator also offers ALTIRIS® 550 and 800, for medium to dark colored plastics

Complex inorganic pigments that can improve the appearance, durability and thermal stability of plastics are also available from Venator. These include:

  • COLORPLEX® pigments – recommended for high performance applications, where weather resistance and thermal and chemical stability are essential, these pigments cover a range of colors from cobalt-based blues, turquoises and greens; to titanate chemicals in the yellow to orange space; with brown and brown iron-based pigments
  • REFLECT™ pigments – a range of metal oxides chemically engineered to maximize solar reflectance and keep products cool where heat management is an issue – for example in automotive interior applications and in the facade materials of building
  • SOLAPLEX® – a portfolio of clean, bright, highly reflective pigments that provide enhanced luminosity in the yellow to orange spectrum and are a high performance alternative to cadmium and lead-chromium

Dr. Jörg Hocken, Global Applications Manager at Venator, said: “With record high temperatures this summer, plastics producers around the world now need to think hard about incorporating solar reflective pigments into their formulations as standard. As we are all making changes to help combat rising global high temperatures, this decision could make a huge difference to the longevity of plastic products used in a range of applications. At Venator, we are committed to helping our customers solve the pressing sustainability issues, while keeping them at the forefront of their business – and our plastics experts are eager to discuss the issue of solar reflectance as well as other pigment and additive topics with K. “

Other pigments and additives Venator will put in the spotlight at K2022 will include:

  • DELTIO® Pigment 48X – this free-flowing titanium dioxide pigment is ideal for masterbatch producers and mixers who want to improve material flow through their systems and minimize the risk of costly blockages
  • TIOXIDE® Pigment TR48 – a TiO2 grade with excellent color properties, easy to disperse and integrate into polyolefin masterbatches; biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films; and engineered compounds
  • TIOXIDE® TR42 – a blue-toned white pigment that can be easily embedded into rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) films
  • Plus a range of ultramarine pigments, high purity iron oxides and functional additives such as SACHTOLITH HDS/L

Visit Venator at K2022 from October 19 – 26, 2022 in hall 8a, stand K31 or alternatively email the team at [email protected]

As a responsible global chemical company and a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Venator is actively increasing its sustainability efforts. In August, Venator released its second sustainability report. The document outlines Venator’s commitment to improving lives and protecting our planet through all aspects of its work – from the products it makes and the manufacturing methods it employs, to its sourcing decisions and supply chain relationships. Click on here to read a copy of Venator’s second sustainability report.

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Venator is a global manufacturer and marketer of chemicals featuring a wide range of pigments and additives that add color and shine to buildings, protect and extend product life, and reduce energy consumption. We market our products globally to a diverse group of industrial customers through two segments: titanium dioxide, which consists of our TiO2 and Performance Additives, which includes our functional additives, color pigments and wood treatment activities. Based in Wynyard, UK, Venator employs approximately 3,500 associates and sells its products in over 110 countries.

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