Who leaked GTA 6 and why? A complete overview

Images leak from Grand Automatic Flight 6 were all together one of the biggest and most impactful video game leaks in history, with the Rockstar Games data breach leading to law enforcement investigations in the US and UK . It all started in mid-September this year, when a hacker shared 90 videos of GTA 6 in a leak posted to Grand Theft Auto forums. Although gamers initially doubted the validity of the clips, Rockstar eventually confirmed that the videos were indeed legit and that the development of the new GTA the entry would continue despite the massive leaks.


Public reaction has been mixed about the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak, for various reasons. Because the game is in the early stages of development, its graphics weren’t necessarily up to par with what one would expect from a modern Rockstar title, leading to backlash from fans. see the visuals of the videos. Others didn’t like what GTA 6 leak revealed on its historycharacters, or setting, and were disappointed that it didn’t match what they had in mind for the game. However, many player reactions were less focused on GTA 6 himself and more about the pirate – many wanted to know more about who shared the videos, how they acquired them and why they decided to release them.

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Some might be surprised to learn that the Rockstar leak of Grand Automatic Flight 6 was allegedly not the first big foray into hacking for the culprit. The leaker, who used the pseudonym teapotuberhacker on the GTA forums when they posted the videos, would have been part of a few other recent high-profile hacking cases before targeting Rockstar. According excomputerafter the The FBI began to investigate GTA 6is the hackerit became apparent that they were part of a hacker group called Lapsus$.

Previously, the Lapsus$ group has claimed responsibility for high-profile cases like the Uber hack that took place earlier in September and the infiltration of Nvidia, where they were able to access and share confidential company designs. . Much of the hacking group’s modus operandi revolves around the workplace chat app Slack, which they use to uncover more information about a company’s internal workings and security protocols. In the case of Grand Automatic Flight 6 leaked, the 90 videos uploaded were actually from Slack itself – they had been swapped between developers and were easily accessible directly from the chat.

Although teapotuberhacker ostensibly operated as part of the Lapsus$ group, it’s unclear whether the Rockstar data breach that led to the 90 leak GTA 6 videos was a collective effort or the work of a single actor. Anyway, the City of London Police arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of hacking offenses later in September. The boy was residing in Oxfordshire in the UK at the time of his arrest. Although City of London Police did not say whether the arrest was related to the GTA 6 leaks, The pulpit journalist Matthew Keys quoted sources close to the investigation that they were indeed related.

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The end goal of the Lapsus$ hacking group is obvious from the spelling of their name: money. In every infiltration carried out by the group, extorting money from companies in exchange for not sharing information has always been their main objective. When the GTA 6 the hacker came back with threats to publish the source code, the motive seemed to be extortion. Lapsus$ has always been very upfront that this was their motivation. As reported by Wiredin previous hacking operations, the group even released the following statement on the Telegram messaging app: “Remember: the only goal is money, our reasons are not political. Please note: we are not sponsored by the state and we are not in politics at all.

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However, as Wired reports of previous Lapsus$ hacks, although the group claims to be solely motivated by money, it’s not the only thing they’ve ever asked for in their negotiations with companies. With Nvidia’s security breach, part of the demands made by Lapsus$ were apparently for the electronics company to remove technology from its GPUs that interfered with Bitcoin mining, and also to ask them to release certain drivers.

There are some details about the GTA 6 leaker that will not be revealed if a trial takes place, and once the lessor is old enough for their identity to be shared. That being said, the basic facts of the case have become clear: a UK-based teenage hacker operating under the codename teapotuberhacker appears to have broken through Rockstar Games as a member of the cyber extortion group Lapsus$. Money appears to be a key motivator, but it is difficult to speculate what might have influenced their decision to disclose these GTA 6 videos. In any case, it does not appear that they caused any lasting damage. Rockstar Games has said twice now that it doesn’t expect the leak to halt development on Grand Automatic Flight 6. Hopefully the studio’s hard work will get an official reveal soon, so it can be shared with the world on its own terms.

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